Welcome to Sam's Support 

Please see below as I have outlined the most often inquired about "issues"

#1 - Can't Find Download Link?

If you purchased a course, etc and cannot find the link to the download:

  • Check your trash, spam folders from the email account of the purchase.
  • I can almost guarantee the link was sent as the class links and emails are automatically generated. The email you want is probably in one of these other folders. Especially if you use "Gmail" you need to check the "Promotions" and "Social" Folders
  • Many times the email was sent to another email address other than your main email. For example, if you used Paypal, the links were sent to THAT email address.
  • Please check these things now, before submitting the ticket, as I will be instructing you to look there first.

Also Important: Have the receipt

If you have a question about a purchase of some sort, please have the receipt, the website, etc.
Do not send a message generally asking "where is my class?". With no reference.
I will just insist that you do this first, as we have a lot of classes, etc and we are like any other business. We are busy and do not have time to track down what you are talking about.

#2 - Member Site Charges: Want to Cancel? 

If you registered for the "Astrology Training Lab", 14-day trial and want to cancel, simply log-in to the site and go to this page:https://vedicartandscience.org/get-help/
Then enter your email address and you will immediately be canceled. Your log-in details were sent to the email address you used when you registered. The email has the header:
"Welcome to the Vedic Astrology Training Lab"  

Forgot About Membership Site? 

If you registered, then forgot that it was a 2-week trial (then 39.95 per month until you cancel) and now want to be refunded for months of membership fees, please realize:

  • I am not "Charging you". It is a subscription you agreed to, have had access to and can cancel in 30 seconds.
  • I cannot refund people for months and months of membership because they "forgot" or did not look closely. Yes, sometimes people ask me to do this, and I simply cannot. 
  • This is just like any other subscription. You are paying for access whether you use it or not. The terms are spelled out clearly on the order form that YOU agreed to when you registered.
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