Mysterious Aches and Pains or Illnesses?  Prescription Drugs? 
Disconnect From Your Body? 

Healthy As You Can Be? 
Worry About Health And Know You Could Be Doing More?


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Health is The Anchor of Your Life

Physical health is the anchor of your entire life. When you are sick, everything else stops. 

~ A prolonged illness can ruin your career and long-term goals.
~ A prolonged illness can drain your bank account.
~ A prolonged illness can ruin your relationship.
~ A prolonged illness can literally take over your entire life. 

Besides a serious illness, many are simply not living up to their potential. Ask yourself
~ Do I sleep too long?
~ Do I lack energy and vitality?
~ Do I get irritated really quickly?
~ Do I get depressed really quickly?
~ Do I have food cravings that I can't control?
~ Do I have mysterious muscle aches?

These are just a few of the common health complaints that are often fixed by a better understanding Ayurveda, astrology 
and the elements.

Many come to me for a Vedic astrology consultation, wanting more success and fulfillment. I know their daily habits and routines are probably the #1 reason they are stuck. 

Just ask yourself: 
How much more could you accomplish and how much better would you feel, with more energy, more physical confidence and more mental clarity? 

CONFESSION: My Bad Health Habits And Lifestyle Choices

By the way, I am not lecturing anyone here. I have been a vegetarian for years and when I was younger, I did a lot of Hatha Yoga to stay fit. But as I have gotten older, it is harder for me (my body) to bounce back from an intense yoga regimen, so I have gained about 20 lbs over my "fighting weight" of about 160. I have slipped into some lazy vegetarian eating habits (like bread-y type things) and drinking more coffee and teas for energy (prana) to get my work done.  

This is not good for my body and sometimes I feels really yucky physically and not too good emotionally. They are intertwined.

But I still have a really healthy lifestyle and diet, so I have not gotten sick (to my surprise) as I have traveled a lot lately and had some heavy astrological transits that often indicate illness. 

I owe this all to MY AYURVEDIC LIFESTYLE. 

Please hear this:
 If there are bad health habits in your life, they are leading to illness. Hopefully you can get them handled before they get worse and if not, you will suffer more. That is the law of karma, our actions returning to us based on our level of awareness, intelligence, discipline, etc. (the qualities of the planets). 

Imagine not brushing your teeth. Eventually the teeth rot, leading to expense, pain and embarrassment. Yet if we just brush them, undergoing a little discomfort in the moment each day, they will be fine - or at least as good as they can be. 

Cycles and Seasons and Time

I am not an Ayurvedic doctor, but I have taught many how to use Astrology in their practice and I have recommended Ayurveda to my astrology clients for years, with astounding results. I have seen many turn their life around with the simple, elegant practices of diet, elements, yoga and many other things. Ayurveda is deeply connected to the cycles and rhythms of life, including those discussed in vedic astrology. I have made myself an expert in how these two sciences converge and create a paradigm of healing and wellness, having taught several master courses on them. 

In the summer of 2010 I taught a four day seminar course, more than 20 hours, to a group of Ayurvedic students and practitioners in Arcata California. The first 4 1/2 hours of that seminar is available to you for free, all you need to do is pay the shipping. 

In addition to that, I have reduced the price of my incredibly popular "Ayurveda/Vedic Astrology" course and I am making you a special offer to join my website. Regardless of whether or not you take advantage of those other special offers, make sure to get the free DVD course while supplies last. Get 4 Hours of Video Taken From the Weekend Retreat at the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda. 

These DVD's will acquaint you with the cycles of time, the universal forces and laws (Like "Karma") and serve as a good introduction. 

Afterwards, My Friend and Director, Traci Webb Remarked:

"Sam's workshop went well beyond my expectations. He was able to easily meet the beginners where they were while at the same time, taking the more advanced students to places they had never been. The workshop was rewarding, challenging, detailed, advanced, yet simple. The students have been raving about the workshop ever since. One of the students shared, "Sadasiva's workshop brought everything I had ever learned about Jyotisha together. I had been confused for years, and now I can understand everthing clearly. I have done 4 Jyotisha consultations already this week!". Sadasiva is very gifted and eager to share all of his knowledge. We look very much forward to his return trip!"

Here Is What You Get In This
Free Home Study Course

DVD #1 - "The Living Universe"

The cycles of time. 
The planets as the living forces of life. 
The planets as ruling our evolution.
How are you and everything in creation 
a microcosm of divine genius? 
All of these questions are answered. 
90 minutes

DVD #2 - "Deeper Meaning of Vedic Principles

Building upon the first video, "The Living Universe" I assess the building blocks of the Vedic Sciences through the elements and gunas.   Close to 90 minutes

DVD #3 - Going Deeper into Elements and Astrology Signs

Deepening the Vedic connection and exploring the Astrology signs as the psychological nature of the planets and how they feel to us.
Close to 90 minutes

Your Home Study Course DVD's are easy to use and will work on any computer automatically when inserted into your disc-drive. No complex installation required. Just plug and play!

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IMPORTANT: Nothing at this website should be mistaken for medical advice. You should always consult qualified health professionals when making any decision about your health. Ayurveda and Astrology are eastern Sciences that help many and should be seen as an addition to your existing health and fitness regimens.

(c) Sam Geppi (Sadasiva) 2011 and Beyond.