I know there are things in your life that are confusing you, both about yourself and others. Obviously you understand the power of Astrology to shed light into the dark corners of your mind and psyche and reestablish peace and connection.

In truth, I feel like this may be the most important class I teach, because the Nodes are so potent, confusing and powerful. They require a lot of attention and I am going to give them that attention in this unique class.

I honor your willingness to dig deeply into life's mysteries and think outside of the box. You should give yourself credit for not just taking the blue pill.

We Went DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE for sure in this class.

A Few Confessions, Sorry to be "In your face, but..."

I have to be honest about something here. I almost never hear other astrology teachers explain the Nodes veery well or give a useful framework for them. I don't blame these astrologers, because after all, the Nodes are the quality of "Divine Confusion". Unless they are very active in the astrologers chart, the explanations will be lacking. The Nodes in my chart are about as powerful as they could be, and I have had to work through the confusion like few you will meet.

Here is my Chart:
You can see a line drawn between Rahu and Ketu in the 1/7 house axis.

The sign is Gemini, a sign of speech, communication, intelligence, flexibility and the need to figure things out intellectually. This is powerful for Rahu because his nature is to explore, try and figure things out. Ketu in Sag is also good because there is penetrating faith.

The rulers are both powerful, in their own signs, Raja Yogas. Rahu also forms many Yogas and is joined the Sun - happy to be eating.

I have had deep struggles around communicaton, growing up with a bad speech problem. I have had to transform that chaotic communication into creative communication.. as I do now through Vedic astrology ( A very Rahu thing)

Also,... For the Vedic astrology "dabblers"

There are more and more students now, of both Spiritual schools and Western astrology -  who are interested in Vedic astrology, but have not formally studied. Many dabble and ask questions and have concerns / misunderstand things. To them I extend an invitation to actually get some professional training. There is a point where you need to just make a little investment in something and open up the divine channel authentically. Once you do that, unimaginable wisdom flows. See my Guarantee Below.

The Unique Class Format

As many of you know, I have been teaching teleclasses for more than five years now. These are weekly telephone meetings where we go over the materials covered in the course manuals. I think this is a good model, but not a perfect one. Here is why.

The rigid "once a week" class schedule creates the impression that people are falling behind if they can't make that day. I have also found that these weekly appointments are really not as necessary to learning as I had thought before. Most of the time on the calls themselves, the students are just getting used to the information and are not yet ready to ask questions. The questions come later in the week when the students do the homework and have time to reflect on the material.

New and Improved - Teleclasses 2.0

In "Rahu / Ketu - The Mystic or the Fool" Classes, I will deliver two 90 minute classes each week.. pure content with no chatting or discussions. Then at the end of weeks 2 and 4 there will be a 2 hour conference call where all of our most pressing questions will be answered.

This way, students have formed their questions and are ready.


They are now archived in :
1. Video Form (Face cam and visual, not screen cam of class)
2. Audio Form (Mp3 for ipod or computer)
3. Electronic Manual (pdf form)

Class Schedule:

CLASS 1 - The Divine Portal, The Potential, The Planets
~ In Depth Overview of the Nodes as Divine Portals and Potencies (90 min)
~ Every Planet in Association with Rahu and Ketu (90 min)

CLASS 2 - A Serpentine influence on the Sign  s / Connect!  
~ Every Sign in Association with the Rahu / Ketu Axis (90 min)
* Group Conference Call / Chart Reading Brainstorming Session (2 hrs) *

CLASS 3 - The Sarpa Houses and Nakshatras
~ Every House in Association with the Rahu / Ketu Axis (90 min)
~Rahu / Ketu Nakshatras (Ashwini, Ardra, Magha, Swati, Mula, Shatabhishak) (90 min)

CLASS 4 - Putting It All Together / Connect!
~ Synthesis of Factors Together (90 min)
* Group Conference Call / Chart Reading Brainstorming Session (2 hrs) *


What is the Cost?

Most astrology classes cost from 30.00-40.00 per hour. Actually I think that is a fair price. Because I am good at leveraging the power of online communication (Gemini) I can usually get more students in class and thereby pass the saving along to you (A good merchant strikes a fair deal).

There will be 13 hours of material delivered. If we factor in grading homework time, forum time and answering questions, that would be several more hours of my time - but lets just call it an extra two hours of my time you will get.

15 hours @ 40/hour is 600.00 You won't pay that much!
15 hours @ 30/hour is 450.00 You won't pay that much either!
15 hours @ 20/hour is 300.00 You also won't pay that much! 

15 hours @ 15/hour is 225.00 - Which would be more than fair for all you are getting (I have not even told you about the Bonuses yet :)

But I will not even be charging 225.00

This class is only 179.07

Where:   Your home. It is a Tele/VideoClass.
How Much: $179.07 A little more than 10USD / Hour. Plus you will have recordings of the classes forever so you can always go back and study.
Included:   Quick-Start Guide and Templates, Member Forum, Audio, Video and MP3 Formats, Looking at Tons of Charts (including yours), AMAZING BONUSES (See below).




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You can get these two excellent bonuses right now as you prepare for the Rahu/Ketu Class!!

Especially if you are more of a Beginner, These Foundational Classes will give you a GREAT introduction to Vedic Astrology.

These Classes used to regularly sell for 120.00 EACH - You are getting BOTH for FREE!!

Each Class is 12 Hours of Audio with the written Manuals

Foundations of Astrology 1 - 12 Hours with Manuals Beginning Astrology Class (240.00 Value)
I taught this 6 week class several years ago. It is still regularly purchased for 120.00
This class discusses Planets, Signs and Houses was the original "Universal Astrology" class.

Foundations of Astrology 2 - 12 Hour Level two class (240.00 Value)
I taught this 6 week class several years ago and it is still regularly purchased for 120.00
This class discusses Dasas, Nakshatras and predictions and many other things.

To Recap the Deal.

You Get:

15 - 20 Hours of Class Time and Attention: (300.00 Value @ 20.00/hr)

The Divine Portal, The Potential, The Planets
~ In Depth Overview of the Nodes as Divine Portals and Potencies (90 min)
~ Every Planet in Association with Rahu and Ketu (90 min)

A Serpentine influence on the Signs / Connect!  
~ Every Sign in Association with the Rahu / Ketu Axis (90 min)
* Group Conference Call / Chart Reading Brainstorming Session (2 hrs) *

The Sarpa Houses and Nakshatras
~ Every House in Association with the Rahu / Ketu Axis (90 min)
~Rahu / Ketu Nakshatras (Ashwini, Ardra, Magha, Swati, Mula, Shatabhishak) (90 min)

Putting It All Together / Connect!
~ Synthesis of Factors Together (90 min)
* Group Conference Call / Chart Reading Brainstorming Session (2 hrs) *

  • Quick Start Guide to Planets, Signs and Houses to Help You Streamline the Information
  • Ongoing Discussion Group in the Members Only Forum.
  • Weekly special recording from me giving homework answers.
  • Class Member Charts Looked at in the Class (If you would like) and the ability to discuss it with class members as you learn.
  • Practical Methodology and looking at charts, not just endless theory

Bonus - Vedic Astrology Foundation Courses: 480.00 Value @ 20.00 / hour

Realistically, This is 780.00 worth of Class material with a No Hassle Guarantee.

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Professional: Sam is the author of "The Ascendant - 108 Planets of Vedic Astrology", a consistent #1 Bestselling Vedic astrology book on Sam pioneered the "Universal Astrology" approach in 2008 and has since trained many Western and Vedic astrology professionals and students in that system. In January 2010, Sam was appointed to be the main teacher in the Astroved University of Vedic Sciences Vedic astrology Certification program. Astroved is the astrology company founded by Dattatreya Siva Baba - an Indian spiritual teacher, often known as the Guru of Wayne Dyer.

Sam works with the leading astrology media companies in the world (both online and in print), and is currently the exclusive Vedic astrology columnist for, and Sam is also a regular columnist for Tathaastu Magazine and Yoga Mind and Body Magazine, both international print journals.

Sam is a regular presenter at both Vedic and Western astrology conferences, having presented in Sedona, AZ at the ACVA symposium in 2007 and at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center certification Conferences in 2007 and 2008. Sam presented Universal astrology classes at The Blast astrology Conference in 2007 and 2008 and also also regularly makes appearances in Los Angeles at the Bodhi Tree Book store and well-known Yoga centers around the country.

Sam is well known for his innovative, insightful, yet approachable style. He has been in full time astrology practice since 2004, offering a variety of astrology readings, classes, videos and articles. His website "" is consistently the #1 Vedic Astrology website on google and other major search engines. Sam continues to bring the sacred power of Vedic astrology to tens of thousands around the world through cutting-edge approaches which include online video, member sites and social media.

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Student Testimonials

I want to echo Lhynns sentiment expressed in tonights class I am learning so much here, I have never learned anything of this depth in an Astrology class before in such a short amount of time.

I agree. For one thing this is much, much, more then just an Astrology class. It feels really sacred like spiritual practice.. again, probably because of its ties to Yoga and Ayurveda. It certainly makes me want to recommit to deepening those personal practices within my life. I feel in the potential of understanding this Universal Astrology, incredible personal transformational implications akin to alchemy- the truth of which I can not consciously fathom with my mind as it is now. Something in me senses that if I dive deeply into it this practice and marinate in it, at the very least I will be able to show up for life in a deeper, more authentic, more empowered way and, that this practice of Vedic Universal Astrology, will inspire some profound glimpses into the true nature of being- that interconnectedness of everything and everyone.

What greater gift is there?

A deep, heartfelt thank you for sharing your knowledge with such passion and compassion.

Ana S
Austin TX

My experience with Sams Universal Astrology tele-classes has so far been amazing. Hes clarity, humor, knowledge is very inspiring and uplifting.
There is no drama in his approach to charts and a lot of demystification and
clarification about the language (sometimes scary) of the old/classic texts which were written in different times. Their actuality and validity can be reviewed through new eyes for our modern world.and Sam is doing an exceptional job in this.

The way we have approached charts reading in the classes has surpassed my expectations and has helped view the overall picture from different angles.
I would highly recommend Sams teachings/classes for anyone whos either just starting with Jyotish as well as advanced students.

Patrizia Faggi - Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner
New York, NY

Patrizia is a sadhaka and a student of Sri. Swamini Mayatitananda (a.k.a. Mother Maya), founder and Spiritual teacher of the Wise Earth Ayurveda
school( Patrizia is a 500hrs registerd YogaWorks teacher as well as a CAP (Cerifified Ayurvedic Practitioner) through Kerala Ayurveda Academy. She is a holistic health counsoler and wellness educator, specialized in womens health issues. She continues her adavanced studies in Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology through specialized courses.

Sam Geppi has a unique voice in Astrology today where hes managed to adapt his knowledge and his wisdom from Western and Vedic astrology, Yoga, and many other sources combined. The result is that his approach is groundbreaking in the sense that he doesnt divide people but bring them together.

Sam is both pragmatic and holistically minded at the same time. I feel that it is Sams unique visionary quality of spirit and fresh viewpoint that enables him to provide us with new techniques that are mind-blowingly practical and to the point. I think they benefit the professional astrologer as much as the beginner or advanced student.

Sam has very special gifts to share and as a student of Vedic I feel lucky and privileged to be able to learn from him and Ive already been able to adapt his techniques successfully.

Anna Baylac

I have been studying Vedic Astrology on my own with tons of books and also using the net which his how I came across Sam. Everyday I would tune into his Daily Forecast which then intrigued me to purchase his book The Ascendant 108 Planets of Vedic Astrology. This book is THE most detailed book on the accendants. I just started taking Sams Universal Astrology class and for me the way he ties all the details
together in order to better read a chart is amazing and this is only my second class!!! WOW!!! Needless to say this will not be my last class.

Catherine Axen Student of Vedic Astrology
Santa Fe, NM

If youre looking for sound astrological advice, searching for an astrologer who will talk understandably with a modern view, wishing to find an astrology teacher who is comprehensive, thorough, and (bless his heart) affordable, youve come to the right place. Ive known Sam (Sadasiva) since 2003 and know what he brings to the table- years of astrological experience and insight supported by a genuine commitment to his spiritual practice. Youll learn a lot from Sam, whether its through a reading, one of his lectures, his books, or his class series. Keep your eye out for all of these! He is highly recommended.

Renate M. Bell- Charleston, South Carolina
ACVA Level 1 certified Vedic Astrologer 

As a student in Sam Geppis Universal Astrology class I must say that I have learned a great deal in a very short time to help me understand mine and others charts..I did western astrology before taking this class and I never saw the reasons why I was like or acted in certain manners, relationships etc . His teaching has brought all this into my life in a few lessons. Sam is a excellent teacher and I appreciate him giving his gifts thru these sevices to others!

I am a Numerologist, Herbalist and a Reikimaster , and also doing other spiritual practices.

Lincoln Calif.

I have been taking the astrology class with Sam Geppi and have been amazed at the information that I have never found in any of my vedic books and I have several. I have been studying for approx 10 years on my own - not good enough! Have to need to have a teacher and Sam is the one to have.

Sam has broken down the planets into tiny little pieces and then put them all
together into a very alive beings. I love the way he has made the planets come to life for me and how in only 4 classes my understanding has deepened 10 fold. I am so looking forward to more and more classes in the future with Sam.

Thanks Sam!

Carole McMechan
Vancouver, BC

I am a western astrologer who has been interested in Vedic astrology for many years and was pleased to hear that Sam was offering his Universal Astrology classes online. I find Sams unique way of conveying the anchoring principles that he is presenting in class to be both illuminating and exciting. What I thought that I knew intellectually concerning some of the basic principles of astrology have taken on a whole new meaning on many levels and thats just in the first two weeks. Thank you, Sam. Please keep it coming!

Pam Jablonski
Twisp, Washington
Astrologer and student

Comments from Colleagues about my Book, The Ascendant- 108 Planets of Vedic Astrology

Sam Geppis new text, The Ascendant brilliantly explores each of the twelve Vedic lagnas in great depth. This is an excellent book for both beginning and intermediate level students. The Ascendant provides needed research and access to one of the most important and fundamental keys in Vedic natal chart analysis.

Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D.
President, American College of Vedic Astrology
Author of The Nakshatras: The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology

While many authors have attempted to explain the basic rules of a planets behavior as a house lord, Sadasiva is the first to produce a book explaining the very specific, and often times surprising, detailed rules given by Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra for each planet in each ascendant, revealing how all the planets combine to create the nature, character, growth and evolution of the ascending sign.

Ernst Wilhelm
Founder, Jyotish Academy International
Author of Core Yogas and Classical Muhurta

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