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Foundations of Vedic Astrology Two 6 Week Courses - Covering Vedic Astrology Fundamentals

24 Hours of Classes and Manuals

ONLY $57.00

IMPORTANT: This class material is on a CD-ROM, (the actual case pictured above). The graphic above is to illustrate how much information you are getting. If it were on audio CD's there would be 24 of them and a thick class manual. 

Perfect for ipod or listening in the car - as hours of hours of vedic astrology wisdom washes over you.

NOTE: The Free DVD set you already ordered will give you an great over view of how to approach Vedic Astrology conceptually. 

This CD-ROM has two six week courses that originally sold for 90USD per course, (which is also VERY under priced). 

You are Getting 180.00 Worth of Courses For Just 57.00

I taught these courses in spring of 2006 and many of the people in the class continued to study with me through my certification program. 

In Level 1 You Will Learn:

  • Basic and necessary Astronomy relative to Astrology
  • Foundational Spiritual / dharmic underpinnings of Astrology. The nuts and bolts of the Vedic paradigm (Gunas, elements, malefic and benefic, what karma actually is, etc).

  • An integrated approach to Planets, signs and houses and making sense of the Astrology chart.
  • To form powerful and coherent Astrological sentences and synthesize them in a meaningful way.
  • Invaluable frameworks that allow you to break Vedic astrology down in to chunks of information that you can digest and explain to others.
  • To examine Astrology a Science which provides an architecture to study our self-development by acknowledging the Soul (planets) mind (signs) and body (houses) as its main references.
  • How each planet gives birth to a psychology so that we may understand their / our nature fully. Then through the houses, our emobodied, worldy life takes shape and shows the scenarios that will challenge us to evolve - within this psychology - and toward our inherently truthful Self
  • Many case studies and examples with live class participants.
  • Much More.


In Level 2 You Will Learn:

  • Natural planetary relationships to each other - dignity (compound relationship) 
  • Dasa systems - the timing periods and what they mean.
  • Certain combinations that almost guarantee there will be stress. 
  • Special planetary conditions like exaltation, debilitation, combustion, retrograde motion, (what it is and what it does)
  • The effects of "dusthana houses" and their lords. They show the trouble we have or the trouble we avoid.
  • Important Yogas (combinations of planets) that bring strength or weakness.
  • Combining these elements with transits (current planetary movements)
  • Deeper understanding of the houses and their goal.
  • Much Much More.

WOW, You Get All of this
For Just 57.00

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