Customize Your Free DVD GIFT Shipment - Part 2 
Incredible Class Offer

Here is What You Get Today - For FREE!
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I have another 


Relationship Astrology 
9 Week Course

18 Hours of Classes and Manuals
ONLY $57.00
(Originally Sold for 120.00)

IMPORTANT: This class material is on 1 CD-ROM, Electronic Manuals and Audio (the actual case is NOT pictured above). The graphic above is to illustrate how much information you are getting. If it were on audio CD's there would be 18 of them and a thick class manual. 

* Perfect for ipod or listening in the car - as hours of hours of vedic astrology wisdom washes over you.

NOTE: The Free DVD set you already ordered will give you an great over view of how to approach Relationship Astrology conceptually. These courses go in to the concepts in great depth.

This CD-ROM a 9 week course that originally sold for 120USD (which is also VERY underpriced). I taught these courses in spring of 2007 and many of the people in the class continued to study with me through my certification program.

In This Course You Will Learn:
(Screenshots From The Class Manuals)

  • Sun and Moon are the Pillars of astrology and the masculine/feminine flow.
  • The guaranteed, Scientific methods that show if a woman will be able to receive from a man and if he will want to give to her or take from her.

  • Ancient Sexual matching principles and techniques from the system that brought us the kama Sutra.
  • Modern relationship mistakes and problems.
  • Special Vedic "Deal Breaker Placements" that short circuit the connection immediately and there is nothing you can do about it.
  • Endless Case studies and Charts, both from famous people and from the class members. 
  • Much Much More. This was a 9 Week Class, So I have not even scratched the surface of how much material we covered.



~ 4.5 Hours of Videos

~ 18 Hours of professional Relationship Astrology Courses

WOW, You Get All of this For Just 57.00
(Plus the shipping and handling fee and sales tax for NY residents)

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Let's recap the Deal:

3 DVD's - Vedic Astrology Home Study Course (4.5 hours) 
9 Week Relationship Astrology Course (18 hours)  

But You Do Not Pay 320.00 USD
You Get All of this For Just 57.00
(Plus the shipping and handling fee and sales tax for NY residents)


No I don't want these, but I want the Free DVD's only "Foundations of Astrology Courses", even though I know it is a great value, as these classes originally sold for 120.00 Each (a $240.00 value) and I am getting them today for only $57.00 - plus the shipping and handling AND as a part of this FREE DVD special. 



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