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My friend and colleague Jeffrey Armstrong remarked:

"I have been doing jyotish for 41 years and I have seldom met anyone as eloquent and keen in their descriptions as this man. He is really top flight. So you can learn the vocabulary and how to talk about these things from this man."

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Worst Mistakes 

Masculine and Feminine Gender identities. How our karmic tendencies create these problematic connections.

Masculine and Feminine Planets.
Moon and Venus - Sun and Mars are discussed and Couples matching

Vedic Frameworks 

Elemental Matching
Sexual Matching
Caste Matching
Interests Matching
Temperament Matching

Are all discussed, through the culture that brought us the Kama Sutra.

3DRelationship Aspects and Overview of Concepts. 

This 90 minute Class is from the full course and gives a good overview of synthesizing concepts.

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